ARC HelpDesk

Get direct access to experts who can solve your toughest accessibility challenges, elevating your level of expertise. It’s your on-demand communication portal for connecting with our experts for accessibility and ARC platform support.
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Utilize Your Support Package Through ARC

Ticket-Based System

Easily submit questions, receive responses, and collaborate directly through your ARC account

Consolidate Answers

Everything is in the centralized portal, no more convoluted email threads or searching the web for answers

Team Access

Multiple users can take advantage of support options, delivering consistency in knowledge across your team


Ask whenever you have a question, get a response within 24 hours keeping your teams advancing their work

All your accessibility or ARC Platform support questions answered in one place

Say goodbye to long email threads and communication gaps. ARC HelpDesk is the mechanism through which you’ll be able to access our experts to make use of your support package and get responses to your questions about the ARC platform. Simply submit a ticket and you’ll get a response from one of our experts within 24 hours (during the business week.)

It’s a smart, efficient way to manage your accessibility queries without clogging your inbox.

ARC HelpDesk Support Options

illustration depicting an accessibility support engineer

Accessibility Developer Support

  • Choose from hourly packages you can use over the course of a few months
  • Submit a ticket in your ARC account for each issue
  • Easily access previous support tickets if you run into the same problem more than once
  • Receive a response from one of our engineers within 24 hours of submission (during the business week)
  • Agile development support and custom packages available

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Assistive Technology (AT) Support

  • Get expert assistance for your JAWS needs
  • TPGi is owned by the same parent company as the makers of JAWS, Freedom Scientific
  • Sign up for a 12-month standard contract or design your own custom support

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accessibility engineer at computer supporting customers on the phone

illustration depicting TPGi's accessibility support platform

ARC Platform Support

  • Get the most of your ARC experience
  • Upgrade your ARC account with platform-specific support capabilities
  • Learn more about ARC Platform Support

Review ARC Platform Support Options

Streamline your support inquiries, manned by the top experts in the field

With HelpDesk, you know you’re getting the best possible accessibility support

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With HelpDesk, you know you’re getting the best possible accessibility support

Unparalleled Expertise

The TPGi engineers answering your questions are some of the top people in the industry

Fast Turnaround

Expect an answer within 24 hours. Many tickets receive responses within minutes.

Centralized Access

Location in ARC allows you to stay organized and lowers the chance of queries slipping through the cracks

Simple Usage-Based Pricing Combined with Seat Access to ARC Resources and Content Libraries

Free Tier

1 User $0/month

  • Free Monthly Accessibility Scans (5 pages per domain)
  • Administrative Console
  • Workspaces with Dashboards
  • Accessibility Monitoring at 5¢ per API call (with Service Plan)
  • ARC API at 5¢ per call (with Service Plan)
  • JAWS Connect (Available with Domain Monitoring)
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Enterprise Tier

Multi-User $59/month/seat (Annual Contract with Min Seats Required)

  • Everything in Essentials, plus:
  • Configurable Rulesets
  • Zapier Integrations
  • Account Linking
  • Enterprise Reporting
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • JAWS Connect (Available with Domain Monitoring)
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ARC Platform Companion Products

JAWS Inspect

Simulate the JAWS user experience across your digital properties for screen reader testing

Explore JAWS Inspect

ARC Toolkit

Professional-level accessibility testing chrome extension for testing individual pages on-demand

Get ARC Toolkit

Free ARC Account

Create a baseline Initial Domain Analysis (IDA) and WCAG Density score across your website or web application

Create Free ARC Account

Color Contrast Checker

Easily determine the contrast ratio of the two colors. Compliance indicators for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1

Learn about TPGi CCA