JAWS Inspect

A screen reader testing tool that vastly simplifies accessibility and JAWS® compatibility testing by providing a text output of JAWS speech.
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JAWS Screen Reader and Compatibility Testing Made Easy

Rapid Rollout

Minimal training required with a much lower learning curve than using a screen reader product for testing.

Independent Testing

No need to run JAWS software or try to find a screen reader user for manual testing.

Immediate Results

Identify issues in real-time so you can quickly know how to make your content accessible.

Encourages Empathy

Demonstrates the impact of accessibility for users while providing context for a better user experience.

The most efficient JAWS screen reader accessibility testing tool available

Without the distraction of speech or the complex feature set of the end-user product, JAWS Inspect uses transcripts of JAWS output to help quickly diagnose issues and share them easily across quality control and compliance systems. It can also be run alongside JAWS to capture the full user experience.

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Learn How JAWS Inspect Can Make Screen Reader Testing Easy

Easy to Understand Results

  • Analyze JAWS output with a screenshot, code snippet, and a unique tracking ID
  • Quickly visualize what JAWS users experience on your site
  • Issue information comes in plain language
  • Helps users identify issues at the component and element level

Testing Technology at Your Fingertips

  • Rapidly test your ARIA live regions
  • Check workflows, desktop applications and different file types, including PDFs (now including full keyboard support)
  • Speech Viewer provides a live log of JAWS speech
  • Integrate the Speech Viewer with your automated testing on the desktop
  • Can be used on a Mac through virtual machine or via Bootcamp

accessibility engineer reviewing a website for accessibility issues

accessibility engineer sitting at computer testing website with TPGi screen reader

Screen reader compatibility testing is a critical component of any accessibility process

Confirming your digital assets are accessible for screen reader users will lower your risk. Use JAWS Inspect in collaboration with our other testing tools, ARC Toolkit and ARC Monitoring.

You can even acquire user feedback directly from JAWS users on their experience with your website through our FREE tool, JAWS Connect.

Discount for JAWS License Holders

Customers who have invested in the JAWS screen reader (or Fusion Software) are eligible for a discount on a multi-user JAWS Inspect license when an equivalent number of paid JAWS (or Fusion) licenses are in use (at the current shipping version). This discount is a TPGi direct to End User offer only and applies for customers seeking a license with a 5-seat minimum.

photo of the JAWS shark logo

The ideal solution for JAWS screen reader accessibility testing

Ensure your digital product, website, or application is compatible with JAWS screen reader.

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JAWS Inspect is unique in its ability to test for JAWS compatibility

Proprietary Technology

JAWS Inspect is the only tool available that can accurately test for JAWS compatibility

JAWS built in

The JAWS product is built-in to JAWS Inspect. JAWS Inspect closely matches JAWS releases. Choose from previous versions of JAWS to test different scenarios.

Provides Exact Text Output

No other screen reader testing tool can transform JAWS audio into text with the same accuracy as JAWS Inspect

JAWS Inspect Specifications

JAWS Compatibility Testing:
Test web pages in your development or production environment for accessibility failures.

Export Errors:
Easily grab accessibility failures to add to bug-tracking software for later remediation.

Test Varied Content:
Use JAWS Inspect on web pages, applications, and PDFs

To use JAWS Inspect, we recommend a computer running Microsoft® Windows® with the following specification:

  • Operating Systems: Windows® 11, Windows 10, Windows Server® 2022, Windows Server 2019, and Windows Server 2016.
  • Processor speed: Recommended – 2.0 GHz i5 dual core or higher processor
  • Memory (RAM): Recommended – 8 GB or more
  • Required hard disk space: 20 MB to 690 MB required per voice for installing Vocalizer Expressive, Vocalizer Direct, or RealSpeak Solo Direct voices (file sizes will vary depending on the voice installed)

JAWS Inspect Report Demonstrations

Tutorial 1: Full Page Report

This report organizes JAWS speech output by HTML element category for structured testing.

Tutorial 2: Element Under Mouse Report

This report organizes JAWS speech output to target specific web page components for structured testing.

Tutorial 3: Say All Report

This report provides the same JAWS speech output (as text) as a JAWS user would experience.

Tutorial 4: Element Properties Report

This report offers more in-depth, technical details for individual web page elements.

Tutorial 5: ARIA Live Report

This report allows users to views ARIA dynamic content as a JAWS user would experience it.

Tutorial 6: Speech Viewer Report

This report allows for custom user journeys through web pages and desktop documents.

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