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Hassle-free access to all the resources needed to help you achieve conformance goals, packaged in monthly bite-sized efforts. From audits, strategy, remediation support, VPATs, UX, and conformance statements, we extend your accessibility team to ours.
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The Perfect Solution to Quickly Start Up or Scale a Digital Accessibility Program

Program Strategy and Planning

We start with understanding your conformance needs and building a plan to get you there

Agile Reviews and Remediation

We work with your developers and provide guidance and remediation support including code-level techniques

Access to Critical Resources

Your dedicated program manager pulls in the right resources to advance your program, all within your budget

Achieve Conformance Goals

Document wins with VPATs and accessibility conformance statements upon completion of accessible code deployments

Audits are a great starting point, but what happens after is where most organizations struggle.

An Accessibility Review will provide you with the knowledge you need to move forward with your accessibility remediation, bringing you one step closer to achieving your conformance goals. However, they can be extensive and leave you feeling overwhelmed, often failing to make progress on anything.

The After-Audit Problem:

Remediation tends to mean rework for developers already at capacity who have their next deadline looming. Accessibility gets pushed down the priority list in favor of more pressing issues or business needs.  The time and cost to rebuild components or rework systems can seem prohibitive and accessibility fails to advance leaving you exposed to legal risk.

Our Solution:

Digital accessibility is a journey.  Our managed services solution pairs you with an accessibility project manager who has a wealth of resources at their fingertips.  We break down the efforts into manageable monthly tasks where experts walk you and any developer teams through what needs to be done, giving code-level advice.

We also integrate systems with your bug tracking or CI/CD software to help push user stories with specific code-level instructions and embed automated testing against those defined goals. Once completed, we verify and document your conformance achievements.

Our engineering team provides manual reviews and strategic consultation to guide component or page construction and deployment, ensuring critical user journeys are accessible.

Expertise, Analytics, and Automation Work Together in a Four-Phase Process that Delivers Value and Results

illustration showing how ARC software detects website issues

(1) Leverage High-Speed Machine Detectable Scanning

  • Provides scalability, efficiency, cost savings, fast actionable items, quick wins progressing conformance​
  • Specific code-level violations paired with remediation techniques. (Low-hanging fruit)​
  • Capture CMS capable updates: Alt tags, labels, font size, aria controls, and other user-generated content​

(2) Integrate Trusted Expert-level Manual Assessments

  • Engineers provide depth and insight often required for significant conformance.
  • Ideal for frameworks, forms, hidden content, and templates
  • Focus manpower on critical user journeys,greatly reducing legal risk​

accessibility engineer sitting in front of his computer

quality assurance illustration - characters evaluate success criteria from a list

(3) Agile Accessibility QA and Code Verification

As your team completes remediation based on the findings in the first two phases, our engineers verify the code’s accessibility prior to launch. This gives you the ability to update your VPATs and conformance statements and ensure proper documentation.


(4) Achieve Conformance Goals and Document Successes

By plotting a strategy that helps you tackle the highest-priority items and moving into a monthly cycle of analysis, guided agile remediation, and code verification, you will quickly make gains on your digital accessibility conformance goals.

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Put your accessibility in the hands of experts

Our accessibility engineers are the foremost subject matter experts with digital accessibility. With TPGi as your partner, you can rest assured that your assets will be in good hands.

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Meticulous Evaluation Process

Our engineers hold themselves to the highest standards; no stone will be left unturned and you can rest easy knowing they’ll spot even the smallest errors

Unmatched Precision

Backed by decades of experience delivering assessments to many of the world’s leading organizations, you won’t find a better company to help you achieve your conformance goals

Action-Oriented Results

You’ll receive prioritized recommendations for remediation so your team will know exactly how to focus their time