Accessibility Audits

Start with an evaluation of how well your digital assets support the needs of users with disabilities to achieve your accessibility conformance goals
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Accessibility Audits for Every Stage of Digital Accessibility

Decreased Risk

Understanding where accessibility barriers exist in your most critical user flows lowers your potential for lawsuits and dissatisfied customers

A Starting Point for Accessibility

Once you know where you stand, you can begin the process of remediation and incorporating accessibility into future efforts for less work down the line

Tangible Recommendations

You’ll receive three report types tailored for different stakeholders that make it easy to take action toward your goals

Access to Accessibility Resources

Our Comprehensive Audit includes a one-year subscription to ARC Essentials Tier, so you’ll be able to take advantage of our robust accessibility techniques library and e-learning modules

To get where you’re going, you need to know where you’re starting from

An Accessibility Audit will provide you with the knowledge you need to move forward with your accessibility remediation, bringing you one step closer to achieving your conformance goals.

Accessibility Audits Are the Bedrock of any Digital Conformance Strategy

accessibility audit roadmap

Empower Your Team to Make Progress

  • Your team will receive the remediation recommendations, what WCAG criteria each recommendation applies to, and a solution to resolve each failure
  • Implementing the recommendations from a web accessibility audit sends a signal to external parties that your organization is taking steps to ensure its digital content meets the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • As your team begins to learn more about accessibility best practices, they can put this knowledge to use for future code builds

TPGi Accessibility Audits are a critical starting point for organizations looking to achieve long-term accessibility

All companies need to start somewhere, and an Accessibility Audit will put your organization on the right path towards conformance. We’ll support you every step of the way.

ARC Workspace Dashboards Accelerate Your Remediation Process

engagement dashboard with pie charts and user flow

Acquire real time results you can act on immediately

For most content, TPGi delivers accessibility audit and testing results through an Engagement Dashboard in ARC Workspaces. Results are updated in real time as our solutions stack identifies accessibility errors within your web content.

Utilize KnowledgeBase content and HelpDesk support to assist with remediation

Between the WCAG violations (identified as “Assertions” in ARC) we find and the expert KnowledgeBase content we provide, you’ll be able to rapidly align our results with your remediation strategy. Agile sprints don’t have to wait for a completed final document, although multiple report outputs are supported for easy distribution. Furthermore, you’ll be better equipped to understand the full magnitude of your website’s accessibility status and can utilize HelpDesk support to start early on larger challenges. Note that this capability is currently only available for web sites and applications and not native mobile apps.

knowledgebase remediation recommendation

Put your accessibility in the hands of experts

Our accessibility engineers are the foremost subject matter experts in accessibility. With TPGi as your accessibility partner, you can rest assured that your assets will be in good hands. When it comes to detail-oriented, meticulous evaluation, no one does it better than TPGi.

TPGi Audits leverage the power of our ARC platform, providing insights through our easy-to-use dashboards

What sets a TPGi Accessibility Audit apart from the rest?

  • Combine data from manual expert audits and automated scans in Workspaces
  • Access issues and notes as the audit is progressing. No need to wait for the audit to complete
  • All audit data in one place – test plan, audit parameters, documents, project management, issues, best practice advice, etc.
  • Monitor the same set of test samples in your user flows to gauge progress on remediation
  • Easily integrate audit results to JIRA, Bugzilla or other systems using the ARC API
  • Easy management of re-tests and follow-up audits
  • Compare data between audits, both of the same resources and other resources

Accessibility Audit Details

Engineers perform a manual review of the top user flows on an organization’s digital content to identify potential barriers for people with disabilities. They also capture the information in an ARC Workspace.

Best for

Ideal for businesses that have the resources for larger-scale remediation and access to their website’s underlying code.

What’s included

  • A one-seat subscription to ARC Essentials with full access to KnowledgeBase and Tutor for one year. (Additional seats available at $29/user/month.)
  • An ARC Workspace with Dashboards detailing TPGi’s audit findings, along with informative knowledge resources and downloadable reports (Powerpoint executive summary, high-level report in a Word document, and an Excel file listing all assertions)


Custom based on needs.

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