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Your customers’ user experience can make or break your relationship with them. TPGi’s UX Services help you effectively include people with disabilities in your user experience activities. In turn, we can help you create quality digital products that people can use regardless of disability.
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Our User Experience Solutions

Design Reviews

An early-stage review of product designs that identify potential accessibility barriers before you write any code

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User Research

Exploratory research with people with disabilities to help provide product development insights

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Usability Testing

Evaluations that identify how well people with disabilities can use your products, uncovering areas for improvement

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Competitive Analysis

Research to assess how your product’s accessibility and user experience compares with the competition

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Inclusive Design is about putting people first. It’s about designing for the needs of people with permanent, temporary, situational, or changing abilities.

What is Inclusive Design?

Inclusive Design is about putting people first. It’s about designing for the needs of people with permanent, temporary, situational, or changing abilities. Wherever you are in the design process, our User Experience team can help you integrate inclusive design.

We can conduct user research to identify what your users’ needs are, review and annotate designs to ensure you support those needs, and perform usability testing with diverse users to help identify how well you have met their needs. We help you ensure that accessibility is part of every stage of the product design process.

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Our User Experience Services Will Help Your Team Throughout the Design Process

We can manage and deliver projects for you, or provide support to your UX team to ensure they include people with disabilities in all their activities.

User Research

We design and run an exploratory research study that focuses on learning more about a particular domain or design challenge from people with disabilities, a population often neglected in user research efforts. Although typically conducted face-to-face, we can conduct such studies remotely if necessary, when travel is not feasible.

Involving people with disabilities in formative research provides added value to the product or service development process. Research insights inform product/service specification very early in the development lifecycle, identifying opportunities, prioritizing functionality, and reducing the risk of inaccessible product creation.

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Design Reviews

Once you have created visual designs of a product interface, we review the designs for potential accessibility issues and provide feedback on addressing these issues. Design reviews are carried out during the conceptual and design phases of product development. They can be used both to address issues in the design and communicate accessibility requirements for development.

Design reviews provide an early opportunity to ensure that visual and UX designs address accessibility concerns and focus on inclusive design. They help ensure that developers are given accessible designs to implement in code, reducing the risk of building a product with accessibility barriers.

Usability Testing

We design and run a usability study of a digital product with disabled participants and provide you with valuable insights that identify where you can improve usability for people with disabilities. We can evaluate a product in development or a mature live product, helping you understand where barriers exist, what impact they have on users, and assess how best to address these barriers.

Through observing usability studies, your development and UX teams can build empathy and understanding of how people with disabilities use technology, helping them design and build more inclusive user experiences, not only in the product being tested but also for future products. In turn, you reduce the need for costly remediation later in the product development lifecycle, lowering the risk of accessibility barriers remaining at launch time.

Test and receive critical feedback on your website’s usability from experienced Assistive Technology users with AT User Flow Testing.

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Competitive Analysis

If your product’s accessibility compares unfavorably with others on the market, you may lose out on market share. To help you understand how your product compares against its competitors from an inclusive design perspective, we can design and run a study that assesses key attributes of inclusive design and task performance.

We can perform an expert review; we can also gather data on user experience directly from people with disabilities.

Accessible UX is critical for lowering your risk and improving customer satisfaction

When you aim for inclusion in UX, your accessibility efforts move from compliance-driven to user-focused, which leads to more effective and intuitive products that more people can successfully use. Taking advantage of our UX services helps you address the needs of people with disabilities throughout product development, and reduces the likelihood of costly accessibility remediation post-release.

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A positive user experience is the best way to sustain long-term customer loyalty, and it starts with a focus on the user. Including people with disabilities in a UX strategy helps ensure that your products can be successfully used by people regardless of disability.

Unparalleled Industry Experience

TPGi’s UX specialists have many years of experience and have conducted PhD-level research in providing UX services that focus on people with disabilities and older adults, unlike other firms that work with more general populations.

Flexible and Accommodating

We can work with product teams to synchronize efforts, providing valuable insights in a timely fashion, either remotely or on-site.

Comprehensive Offering

Your experts will cover every aspect of your UX process, leading to better outcomes for your products from start to finish.

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Simulate the JAWS user experience across your digital properties for screen reader testing.

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Professional-level accessibility testing chrome extension for testing individual pages on-demand.

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Create a baseline initial domain analysis and WCAG Density score across your website or web application.

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Easily determine the contrast ratio of the two colors. Compliance indicators for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1

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