Accessibility Solutions for Midmarket Organizations

You need an accessible website/application and the ability to demonstrate conformance. We help you make progress and significantly reduce your legal risk for lawsuits.
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Common Accessibility Workflow Challenges for Midmarket Companies

Integrated Development Team

Integrated dev teams handle website work but the backlog is so big you can’t make progress

Ticketing Systems are in Place

You have bug-tracking and ticketing systems to manage dev requests but accessibility tickets aren’t advancing

Your Website is Custom-Made

Your organization can access your website’s code but it’s really complicated and rebuild projects seem too costly

You Lack a Concrete Accessibility Program

There is little entity governing your company’s accessibility efforts; no dedicated developers; no training programs are in place

Digital accessibility-related lawsuits are a real threat. You need to improve your website’s accessibility and document conformance to reduce legal risk.

Your Goals

Though you may not have a fully-formed accessibility program in place, your organization recognizes the importance of having one. You also recognize the benefits of accessibility and are eager to put resources towards improvement.

What’s Keeping You from Achieving Those Goals

  • Knowledge – Your organization lacks internal knowledge about what and how to remediate failures. Chances are your site has accessibility issues if it wasn’t built from the ground up with accessibility in mind, yet your dev team is inadequately prepared to find them, prioritize them for quick, impactful wins, and remediate them while handling their current workload.
  • Scalability – You need a solution that scales with your business. Rapidly growing firms need to plan for today and for 10 years from today, and you need a solution that can support your accessibility needs as the business grows.
  • Consistent Efforts – You recognize that accessibility requires more than a one-off fix. Your organization needs support to put processes and procedures in place to ensure sustainable, long-term accessibility

Every Business is Unique. TPGi Solutions are Tailored to Your Needs.

Completely Customizable Solutions

We’ll work with you to define a program that fits your budget, resources, and well-serves your accessibility needs

accessibility engineering team

illustration showing how ARC software detects website issues

Scalable and cost-effective when you leverage high-speed machine detectable scanning

  • Provides scalability, efficiency, cost savings, fast actionable items, quick wins progressing conformance​
  • Specific code-level violations paired with remediation techniques. (Low hanging fruit)​
  • Capture CMS capable updates: Alt tags, labels, font size, aria controls, and other user-generated content​

Holistic Support

Our experts provide support where it’s needed. This will set a foundation in place that will help sustain long-term accessibility through training, testing, monitoring, and education.

TPGi support person at a desk with his computer working

a TPGi accessibility sales executive shaking hands with a new customer


No matter what your budget, we’ll be able to tailor your program so that you’ll get the most impact for the lowest cost

Put your accessibility in the hands of experts

Our accessibility engineers are the foremost subject matter experts in inaccessibility. With TPGi as your accessibility partner, you can rest assured that your assets will be in good hands.

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Partner with the world’s most-trusted digital accessibility provider

Meticulous Evaluation Process

Our engineers hold themselves to the highest standards when completing your reviews; no stone will be left unturned and you can rest easy knowing they’ll spot even the smallest errors

Unmatched Precision

Backed by decades of experience delivering assessments and audits to many of the world’s leading organizations, you won’t find a better company to complete your review

Action-Oriented Results

You’ll receive prioritized recommendations for remediation so your time will know exactly how to focus their time

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TPGi Accessibility Testing and Monitoring Tools

JAWS Inspect

Simulate the JAWS user experience across your digital properties for screen reader testing.

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ARC Toolkit

Professional-level accessibility testing chrome extension for testing individual pages on-demand.

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Free ARC Account

Create a baseline initial domain analysis and WCAG Density score across your website or web application.

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Color Contrast Checker

Easily determine the contrast ratio of the two colors. Compliance indicators for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1

Learn about TPGi CCA