Everyone wants their digital content to be conformant, yet the criteria to achieve this state remains ambiguous. Learn about the different categories of digital conformance and expectations versus reality.
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What are the Guidelines for Accessible Digital Content?

Unlike physical accessibility requirements (such as wheelchair ramp grades or Braille signage), digital accessibility criteria are not cut-and-dried binary standards (e.g., accessible or not accessible.) The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) provide guidance for what is considered accessible for US digital content but do not actually prescribe exact methods for achieving accessibility. It falls upon individual organizations and their accessibility partners to determine what they deem acceptable accessibility.

Is there such a thing as “full accessibility”?

Adhering to WCAG standards is generally seen as the most acceptable route for achieving substantial digital conformance, yet even this has its limits. A 100% accessible site is like a fully bug-free site: an impossible north star. Yet, if you aim for substantial conformance (an arbitrary, yet credible, designation) with a partner like TPGi, you can be reasonably certain that most people using various assistive technologies will be able to access it with relative ease. The key is defining the threshold at which a site or app is “suitably accessible.” Through years of experience and rigorous testing, TPGi has honed our requirements such that an organization that earns our stamp of approval will be well-positioned for accessibility success.

How do I make my content conformant?

TPGi offers a range of services and solutions to help you achieve substantial conformance. We provide everything from VPATs, to managed solutions that include accessibility audits and verification reviews, to ongoing accessibility testing and monitoring, all to ensure your digital content is accessible to the widest range of people possible. Contact us to learn more about how we can tailor an accessibility strategy for your firm, or sign up for a free website accessibility scan today.

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