ARC is for Everyone

Depending on your organization, sometimes it can seem like digital accessibility is the responsibility of a single department, or even a single person. But in reality, many departments are obligated to ensure accessible digital content. From the developers writing the code all the way up to the senior leadership who are held accountable for the firm’s digital presence, digital accessibility affects many individuals in an organization.
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ARC Monitoring Supports Multiple Roles

That’s why we created our ARC Platform

ARC is a comprehensive solution suite that provides content via seats and automated testing/analytics via metered usage plans. ARC supports every department’s accessibility efforts. One of the main elements of ARC, ARC Monitoring, is TPGi’s robust website accessibility monitoring and testing solution. Take a look at our video for information on how multiple roles in a company can leverage ARC Monitoring to support their accessibility goals.

How Different Departments Benefit from ARC

One of ARC’s greatest advantages over the competition is its versatility. It features a collaborative work environment (Workspaces), e-learning courses (ARC Tutor), an extensive library of code-level accessibility techniques (ARC KnowledgeBase), and our robust accessibility testing and monitoring solution (ARC Monitoring).

Other accessibility platforms may well serve development teams or accessibility program managers, but lack the features that would appeal outside those departments

How ARC Can Support Your Roles

Millions of dollars are spent annually on niche marketing. For a fraction of that cost, you can proactively improve brand reputation by showing consumers you are inclusive and accessible to all – improved usability is a win-win for both the consumer and the company. Expand your marketing reach and open up your digital content to allow people with disabilities to engage with your brand—they account for approximately 15% of the world population. Brush up on your accessibility skills with our e-learning solution, ARC Tutor.

Diversity hiring is a commitment many make and we commend that. But what if these employees can’t access your digital assets? ARC Monitoring can help address internal employee portal accessibility barriers.

ARC Monitoring dashboards are perfect for getting an overall view of how a digital property is faring in terms of accessibility while also demonstrating success in remediation efforts.

From high-level trends to the nitty-gritty code that needs to be added to a site to make it accessible, ARC Monitoring allows developers to dig in with dynamic dashboards and embedded prioritization of critical issues. The ARC API (powered by ARC Monitoring) enables you to integrate accessibility into your CI/CD pipeline to stop accessibility issues before they become problematic. You can use KnowledgeBase to help resolve your toughest accessibility questions, or rely on ARC HelpDesk support if you get in a true jam. And don’t forget to keep your accessibility chops sharp with our e-learning solution, ARC Tutor.

ARC has everything you need to manage your accessibility programs. From the ability to share/access/comment on all accessibility-related deliverables to tracking the accessibility of multiple domains, ARC is truly your singular source for accessibility support. It allows for greater collaboration across all the critical roles required for success across the accessibility workflow.