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See what's under the hood! Our robust free monthly accessibility scan will give you insights into the accessibility of your website and its conformance with the WCAG guidelines.
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What Will Your Results Reveal?

Uncover your site’s most prevalent WCAG violations courtesy of our powerful accessibility testing and monitoring solution, ARC Monitoring. Through your free ARC platform account, you can access a dashboard that includes a breakdown of WCAG failures on your site with prioritized recommendations for remediation. You can use the data to prioritize fixing the low-hanging fruit and address global template errors.

You’ll be able to see how your site is faring from month to month and learn how your remediation efforts and site changes impact your WCAG density score and overall accessibility.

With an increasing number of digital accessibility lawsuits and a rapidly aging population, forward-thinking companies are addressing accessibility issues head-on for a better overall experience. Making your site accessible to people with disabilities increases customer satisfaction and boosts your bottom line.

Here's What to Expect

Watch and learn what to expect. See the process below.

  1. Create a free ARC Account and submit a domain for scanning.
  2. ARC scans WCAG conformance data against pages in your domain.
  3. Scan data is populated in your ARC dashboard in minutes.
  4. Get more value by scheduling a call to step through the results understand the data and ask any questions.

Wcag density score

Your WCAG Density Score

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) are internationally approved standards for digital accessibility. The WCAG Density Score provides the average number of automatically detectable WCAG Level A and AA failures found on a domain or a subset of pages on a domain. It is a single score that indicates not just the number of issues but how they are spread throughout the domain.

Prioritized WCAG Failures

Your ARC dashboard will show the top three most prevalent errors out of the five pages scanned, allowing you to resolve the highest priority items more effectively. Easily start scanning the rest of your website by adding billing information and only pay for what you use.

top 3 wcag failures

remediation explanation for WCAG assertions

Code-Level Remediation Techniques

Get actionable insights that give you the ability to quickly solve WCAG errors and improve the accessibility of your website. Code-level remediation techniques are paired directly with the errors and alerts giving you immediate value.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change any of the configurations of the Free Monthly Accessibility Scan?
Yes, but once you change any configuration (like the total number of pages scanned or frequency), you’ll be charged $.05 per page scanned.

Can I choose any page as the starting URL?
No, it needs to be a website’s a homepage.

Can I sign up for a Free Monthly Accessibility Scan if I’ve already created an Initial Domain Analysis (IDA)?
Yes, you can set up a new Free Monthly Accessibility Scan, but you cannot convert your IDA to a Free Monthly Scan.

Can I still get an IDA?
Yes, it is still available. Please contact us by filling out our form for pricing information.

Can I have Free Monthly Accessibility Scans running on multiple domains?

Can I sign up for a Free Monthly Accessibility Scan with any tier?

If I signed up for ARC before we rolled out the Free Monthly Accessibility Scan can I still get an IDA for free?
No, please contact us by filling out our form for pricing information.

Can I update the pages in the Free Monthly Accessibility Scan once it has been set up?
No. The domain used as the “seed” page and the four additional pages cannot be changed. If you change your scanning schedule to a paid option, you can scan additional pages for a fee.