ARC User Flows

Build and maintain accessible user journeys across your digital properties. Focus your accessibility efforts where they count most, helping your users complete their most essential tasks.
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ARC User Flows Give Teams the Ability to Concentrate on Critical Areas

Isolate User Journeys

Focus on a series of pages, components, or elements a user may engage with to complete an action.

Measure Progress Over Time

Scan components to track historic progress over time to identify both positive and negative trends and determine what is working and what is not.

Flexible Setup

A single User Flow can cross multiple domains and applications and encompass as many steps as you need.

Reduce Legal Risk

Most accessibility lawsuits happen because an individual can’t complete an action. Minimize your risk by focusing on those critical flows.

Move beyond static websites to test interactions and page components

User Flow monitoring, powered by ARC (Accessibility Resource Center), allows you to not only monitor individual pages (which, in the example stated above would be a product page, shipping information page, payment page, and confirmation page), but also the components on each page. Such elements could include a dynamic form, a dialog box, multimedia, images, and more.

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Empower Developers and Accessibility Stakeholders to work Together

Illustrative ecommerce accessible user flow diagram

The ARC User Flow Cycle

  • Accessibility stakeholders document the steps users take on your website or application to perform a critical task
  • Program managers or developers can then configure the User Flows in the ARC Platform to align with the user journeys
  • ARC account holder kicks off automated scans that will deliver key initial WCAG conformance data (paired with the full power of ARC’s contextual KnowledgeBase)
  • Stakeholders know how to solve accessibility failures, and can track the historical progress made towards resolving them

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ARC User Flows is a critical tool for firms looking to achieve long-term accessibility

ARC User Flows is one element of an entire accessibility ecosystem: the ARC Platform. Offering trusted resources, analytics, and expert-level support, ARC Platform provides a scalable, efficient method for identifying and resolving accessibility issues.

ARC Platform. Illustration categorizes capabilities into three buckets. Analytics: User Flows, API, Monitoring, and Toolkit. Content: Tutor and KnowledgeBase. Pro Services: HelpDesk, Onboarding, and Platform Support

ARC User Flows provides the greatest legal risk reduction

Ensure people with disabilities can complete critical actions that frequently trigger legal action.

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ARC User Flows are unique in their ability to add value across teams, systems, and conformance reporting.

No other system delivers sequential component testing

ARC User Flows is the only accessibility testing and monitoring tool that allows you to identify, segment, and track individual page-level components

The only solution that allows scanning across digital properties

User Flows can extend into subdomains and even across separate domains for eCommerce, application login, and other content consumption

Partition user journeys to product owners and their teams

Our particular approach enables product and content owners to evaluate website interactions unique to their roles

ARC Platform User Flows Core Capabilities

Scripted Interaction:
Support scripted interaction through customized Selenium scripts

Focused Analysis:
Analyze what you need in any step – a full page, a dialog box, a table, etc.

Authentication Abilities:
Manage authentication independently of individual flows, using authentication scripts

Flexible Inputs:
Manage User Flow components with screenshots and HTML code

Robust Visualization:
Full dashboard with historical data, prioritization, and contextual best practice guides.

ARC Platform, including User Flows, includes policies, controls, procedures, and technologies to provide secure options for clients with strict security and data privacy requirements.

Simple Usage-Based Pricing Combined with Seat Access to ARC Resources and Content Libraries

Free Tier

1 User $0/month

  • Free Monthly Accessibility Scans (5 pages per domain)
  • Administrative Console
  • Workspaces with Dashboards
  • Accessibility Monitoring at 5¢ per API call (with Service Plan)
  • ARC API at 5¢ per call (with Service Plan)
  • JAWS Connect (Available with Domain Monitoring)
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Enterprise Tier

Multi-User $59/month/seat (Annual Contract with Min Seats Required)

  • Everything in Essentials, plus:
  • Configurable Rulesets
  • Zapier Integrations
  • Account Linking
  • Enterprise Reporting
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • JAWS Connect (Available with Domain Monitoring)
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