JAWS Connect

A first-of-its-kind solution that delivers assistive technology user feedback directly to the organizations seeking to deliver accessible digital experiences. JAWS Connect provides a practical, fast, and effective way to improve the user experience for screen reader users.
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Crowd-Source Your Accessibility QA from the People Actually Impacted

Collect Screen Reader User Feedback Effortlessly

No elaborate scripting or in-depth coding required.

Lower Your Risk

Provide a constructive path for screen reader users to surface their issues for resolution instead of seeking legal action.

A Cost-Effective Solution

FREE for all ARC customers with domain monitoring, including Free Tier.

Place Usability at the Center of Digital Accessibility

Improve the experience for a historically underrepresented group of users.

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JAWS Connect is your key to unlocking screen reader user accessibility barriers

JAWS Connect is a collaboration between Vispero’s TPGi and Freedom Scientific brands (the maker of JAWS for Windows) that bridges the gap between the largest community of assistive technology users in the world and the organizations that serve them, placing usability at the center of digital accessibility.

Our simple no-code solution for websites and applications gives JAWS screen reader users the ability to easily and quickly provide direct feedback at the point where they face barriers so organizations can quickly identify and react to solve those challenges.

All organizations—from boutique to enterprise—will benefit

With JAWS Connect, your company can:

  • Collect authentic feedback in real time from screen reader users who encounter accessibility barriers on your digital content
  • Access feedback results in ARC via a monitoring dashboard
  • Surface errors that may have previously gone unaddressed
  • Demonstrate compassion toward screen reader users by offering them an avenue for change

Activate it on your ARC account today by emailing arcsupport@tpgi.com

The next generation of screen reader user feedback has arrived

  • Provide a more positive user experience for screen reader users by leveraging their direct experiences
  • Identify legal risks so you can take immediate corrective action
  • Enjoy the benefits of usability testing without a heavy investment in time or resources

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“Accessible” does not always mean “usable”

Just because your digital content conforms to web accessibility standards does not always mean it’s fully usable by people with disabilities. The only way to test this is through real usability studies, which may not be feasible for every organization.

JAWS Connect fills this gap with an easy, effective way to ensure that you are doing your best to deliver an accessible experience for all users.

Watch our on-demand webinar on JAWS Connect for a more in-depth overview.

How JAWS Connect fits with your accessibility initiatives

When paired with accessibility monitoring and testing and dedicated accessibility optimization, JAWS Connect helps you achieve a trifecta of a user-centered web experience.

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Proactively providing a channel for screen reader users to submit errors they find on your website and applications gives you insight to issues you might have been unaware of otherwise.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Contact arcsupport@tpgi.com to activate JAWS Connect on your account.

All tiers are eligible as long as you are running scans on a domain at least once per month

FREE for anyone actively monitoring a domain

No, anyone who has access to your ARC account will be able to see the JAWS Connect feedback.

<p>Find your user feedback under the “Usability Feedback” tab on the Domain Monitoring page.</p>

JAWS screen reader users using JAWS version 2021 will be able to submit feedback via JAWS Connect.

Simple Usage-Based Pricing Combined with Seat Access to ARC Resources and Content Libraries

Free Tier

1 User $0/month

  • Free Monthly Accessibility Scans (5 pages per domain)
  • Administrative Console
  • Workspaces with Dashboards
  • Accessibility Monitoring at 5¢ per API call (with Service Plan)
  • ARC API at 5¢ per call (with Service Plan)
  • JAWS Connect (Available with Domain Monitoring)
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Enterprise Tier

Multi-User $59/month/seat (Annual Contract with Min Seats Required)

  • Everything in Essentials, plus:
  • Configurable Rulesets
  • Zapier Integrations
  • Account Linking
  • Enterprise Reporting
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • JAWS Connect (Available with Domain Monitoring)
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