Assistive Technology (AT) User Flow Testing

Experienced assistive technology users analyze your website’s most critical user journeys for accessibility barriers, helping you improve the customer experience for people with disabilities.
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AT User Flow Testing Provides Rapid UX Feedback From Disabled Users

Quality Feedback from Disabled Users

Provide your product team with information about critical accessibility and usability barriers experienced by AT users, so they can make fixes as quickly as possible.


AT User Flow is an affordable way to receive valuable UX feedback on your digital products from disabled users.

Built for Speed

Get feedback from AT users during sprint cycles, helping you quickly implement solutions as early as possible in the development lifecycle.

Reduce Legal Risk

Most accessibility lawsuits happen because people with disabilities can’t complete tasks due to accessibility barriers. Minimize your risk by focusing on optimizing those critical task flows.

Inclusive Design is about putting people first. AT User Flow Testing empowers you to meet business objectives by capturing valuable feedback from AT users to confirm your products are usable.

While conducting a comprehensive usability study is the gold standard across all digital assets, teams don’t always have the resources or time available to perform this work in-house. AT User Flow Testing provides you with user feedback from experienced assistive technology users on your most critical user journeys.

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Assistive Technology User Feedback

AT User Flow Testing evaluations provide first-hand perspectives from everyday assistive technology users on the usability of your digital product. After fixing issues identified in an accessibility audit, validate your efforts with AT User Flow evaluations!

Efficiently Include AT User Feedback in Your SDLC

AT User Flow Testing is an affordable way to surface accessible user experience issues that an automated or manual technical inspection may not identify before your product is launched.

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Built for Agile Teams

Receive rapid feedback from one user flow at a time and go from assistive technology user feedback to implementing solutions, synching effectively with your sprint cycles.

If your products are usable, they will be accessible.

As your accessibility program maturity level advances, your objective will evolve from compliance towards providing accessible user experiences. This shift helps you provide more effective and intuitive products that people can successfully use.

Leveraging our AT User Flow Testing solution helps you create more usable products for people with disabilities and reduces the likelihood of costly accessibility remediation post-release.

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A positive user experience is the best way to sustain long-term customer loyalty, and it starts with a focus on the user.
Testing your digital products with assistive technology users helps ensure that your products can be successfully used by everyone.

Assistive Technology Experts

TPGi are the accessibility and assistive technology experts! Let the expert assistive technology users on our team help with your project.

Flexible and Accommodating

We can work alongside your product teams within their software development life cycle, providing valuable accessible UX insights in a timely fashion.

Focus on Core Customer Journeys

TPGi’s AT User Flow Testing solution enables product and content owners to evaluate key website interactions for usability before code is committed.

Frequently Asked Questions

A user flow is a detailed description of what a user might do in order to complete a key task using the site. The description has a start and finish point, and includes details of the flow like specifying what button or link to activate, what menu option to select, and what to enter in a text input form. We can work with you to define flows to include in testing.

Traditional usability testing (or user testing) involves recruiting several participants and having them perform a series of tasks, either while a moderator observes them or independently, in which case they report their findings. With TPGi’s AT user flow testing, one or more of our engineers who happens to be disabled will go through each flow, recording their experience and recommending changes (where needed). This way you get accessible user experience feedback more quickly than from a multi-participant usability study.

Our testers are careful to record their own experience and also note where they used approaches to overcome an issue that other AT users might not be aware of, so our results take into account potential differences in impact of barriers on people. But if you really need the direct experience of AT users of different levels of ability, attitude and aptitude, we recommend a full usability evaluation.

We can do AT user flow testing with screen reader users (and you can specify which screen reader) and screen magnification users, and voice input and other assistive technology profiles on demand.

Anything that people with disabilities use! Websites, apps, software, anything that you need to ensure is built with accessibility in mind.

The earlier the better, as soon as you have functional code that represents a particular flow or user story. You can also use AT user flow testing to validate that fixes you made after an accessibility audit were effective in improving the accessible user experience. And you could use it to compare flows in your product against similar flows in competitor products.

Absolutely! Because AT user flow testing is a quick turnaround, we can sync testing into agile processes, so you get quick feedback on functionality built in a print. We can plan to have testers ready to review functional code and provide feedback ready for inclusion in the next sprint.

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