Your JAWS Connection

Leverage TPGi's connection with Vispero, the world leader in assistive technology for the visually impaired, to create a more accessible website experience for JAWS screen reader users.
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JAWS screen reader box in front of a computer monitor with the JAWS shark logo displayed.

Create Inclusive Experiences

JAWS is the most widely used screen reader. Utilize the tools below to create more usable digital experiences for JAWS screen reader users.

JAWS Scripting

Modify the JAWS screen reader code to accommodate user needs and create a more inclusive experience.

Learn more about JAWS Scripting

JAWS Scripting

JAWS Inspect

JAWS Inspect

Not sure if JAWS screen reader users access content on your website? JAWS Inspect makes testing for JAWS compatibility easy!

Learn more about JAWS Inspect

JAWS Connect

Improve digital accessibility by receiving feedback directly from JAWS screen reader users.

Learn more about JAWS Connect

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JAWS for Kiosk

JAWS for Kiosk

Deploy JAWS technology into your kiosks and digital interfaces to create inclusive and usable customer experiences.

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