Real People, Real Stories Episode 7, 2023: Shani Dhanda

Host, Mark Miller, speaks with Shani Dhanda about her life experiences, her advocacy, and her work as a social entrepreneur and influential figure. Learn about:

  • Her intersectional activism
  • Her influence in the community.
  • Her work as a Disability Inclusion & Accessibility Specialist.
  • Her commitment to being a leader and positive force for others.
  • Her numerous awards and accolades.

About Shani Dhanda

Shani is one of the UK’s most influential disabled people and BBC’s 100 Women laureate of 2020. She helps businesses and brands break barriers and become more inclusive and accessible for their disabled employees and customers.

As a South Asian woman who experiences disability, Shani has taken the change she wants to create in the world into her own hands. Her intersectional activism has led to challenging social inequality globally through entrepreneurship, and she is the founder of Diversability, the Asian Woman Festival and the Asian Disability Network.   Shani has been recognized with over twenty-three awards for her inclusion and activism work, including being named as one of the six most influential women in the new world of work, one of the most influential women in leadership and a world-leading changemaker.

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