JAWS Inspect Update: Create an Inclusive and Usable Experience for All Customers

With JAWS Inspect, developers and quality assurance teams can get a more comprehensive understanding of the screen reader experience. This fundamentally important accessibility tool makes it easy to quickly gather information on your users’ experience, empowering accessible and usable digital products.

The latest JAWS Inspect update takes your accessibility journey to a whole new level.

What’s New

JAWS 2024 Integration

The JAWS Inspect Setup Package now includes the latest release of JAWS 2024. With this integration, you can explore an enhanced web accessibility testing experience, harnessing the latest features and improvements in the world’s most popular screen reader, JAWS.

Powerful Configuration Options

We understand that control is essential for accessibility testing. The latest update of JAWS Inspect adds several configuration options so you can tailor your testing environment for your needs, with criteria including:

  • Browser Proxy Server: Decide whether to utilize JAWS Inspect’s internal proxy server to provide unique IDs needed for highlighting elements on a page.
  • Proxy Server Notifications: Choose if JAWS Inspect’s proxy server should report parsing errors found in the HTML document.
  • Show Chrome Plugin Message: Opt to receive recommendations for installing the Chrome or Edge extension when they are not yet installed.
  • Show Firefox Plugin Message: Choose whether JAWS Inspect recommends installing the Firefox extension when it’s missing.
  • Show Proxy Instruction: Determine whether JAWS Inspect should prompt users with a Proxy Information form when the Proxy Certificate is absent.

This update is about more than enhanced features: More than ever, JAWS Inspect gives your team greater control, making your accessibility initiatives even more efficient and personalized.

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